Today has seriously been the best day. Started out being picked out to participate in a little radio competition this morning which lead to me winning a t-shirt, cooler, and digital radio (big smiley face to that one seeing as I actually wanted a digital radio pretty bad). Then I managed to somewhat get control over the move-in-mess that has ruled my room for the past week, followed by a great “last day of training” day at work where I met a bunch of really nice and cool people and learned a lot about what the job entails, which will definitely come in handy. And then - last but not least I GOT INTO THE ARCHEOLOGY BACHELOR’S DEGREE AT THE UNIVERSITY IN OSLO! I’ve been waiting for this day for years, and when I say years I mean years, literally.

Like I said, today has seriously been the best day.

when you get to the point where you’re so tired that you can literally feel your contacts clinging on your eyeballs, it’s time to go to bed

Look what I did today! So happy, I can’t believe it’s finally there!!

Just finished watching Remember Me and… Really? Really? What kind of sick plot twist was that at the end? I get the meaning and depth behind it, I really do, but seriously! I’m almost quite literally in pieces now! I’m sobbing over a ROBERT PATTINSON movie. I’m not proud of this

I’m literally sitting on the floor in front of the oven, waiting for it to finish

Clara Oswin Oswald, “run you clever boy and remember”, the woman twice dead



okay so since yesterday I’ve had this problem with my computer. It uses a self-assigned ip address and because of that won’t connect to the internet (I’m online now thanks to an ethernet cable). I’ve tried everything, but nothing works to get the airport back up and running properly. Anyone have any clue as to what might help? 


Oh, and look who her ears pierced some more. 

  •  *My dad, my sister, and me looking at a cat my dad thinks looks a little fake*
  • Dad: But just look at that, that is not an actual cat.
  • My sister: Trust me, I've seen enough cats on tumblr to know what a real cat looks like.

soo many torchwood feels right now

White wine, comfy sweater, and a lovely movie. The only thing missing is a tasty cigar.

Trying very, very hard to get some homework done. So far: not going very well.