• my english teacher: your essay isn't very well put together
  • me: my thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations


I don’t think that being a feminist, as I lke to consider myself, means that you think that women are better than men (exept that deep down I do lol, but I’m trying to fix that). Feminism is about respect and equality and awareness of both the greatness and the flaws of women, isn’t it?

Or maybe it’s just me.

bleeding heart, endless nights, fleeting days: What John Waters really said...


“My dear,

We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them. Don’t let them explore you until they’ve explored the secret universes of books. Don’t let them connect with you until they’ve walked between the lines on the pages.


This is an interrobang. It should have become a punctuation mark, but it never really caught on. Maybe it will in the future, but probably not. The keyboard is pretty well standardized by this point, and people seem happy enough to say, “He hooked up with Sheila?!?!??!”

I think about the interrobang a lot when I am thinking about the habit we have, as a species, of assuming that the world in which we live was entirely inevitable—that we as contemporary humans are just along for the ride. But the truth is we all make up the world together as we go. We choose ?! over the interrobang. I know it feels like someone else has made this decision for us. But the truth is that together, we are making the decision right now.

For almost five seconds I forgot I’m having surgery Wednesday…